Escaped Grizzly Bear-Point Defiance Park


"Chasing Riseforms"
There is an escaped grizzly bear from the zoo. "Tracks were found about one mile from the park's entrance, but the bear was never found." Don't know if there is an update to this as I post. What kind of gun do I pack if I'm walking thru the forest there?........... :D
Gee Whiz Larry,

A zoo bear, carry a dozen or so Krispy Cream Donuts. Scatter them out and walk off when you see said terrible bear. Sing where have all the flowers gone and he will instantly recognize you as a left leaning individual and respect your touchey feeley point of view.



"Chasing Riseforms"
Where did you hear about this, not seeing anything on the local news outlets?
Oh my!............... My mistake....... it was a historical picture on page two of the Tacoma News Tribune. I overlooked the date!! I'll see if I can get Chris Scoones to remove this post. Sorry Everyone!!

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