Pflueger Progress 1774

I was looking at couple Pflueger Progress 1774's that were my grandpa's today and was wondering what weight of line would match up with these? I've kinda thought of putting together a small stream outfit with one of them.
Hi Pat,

I have several of these, I have a 5wt dry line that I use on a 6'8" Lami Glass. You can fish whatever line weight/rod up to 6wt or so. Can't get much backing with heavier lines and the click/pawl drag is about perfect for trout. Go Fish!!

I think I have some 5 WT line laying around to put on I need to keep an eye out for a cheap old rod. I also inherited an fiberglass rod that he had one mounted on, but I think it'll just stay mounted on the wall in tribute.

I ended up finding an Eagle Claw Featherlight to stick it on. Been fishing fishing it for a couple weeks, it may be a cheap set-up, but I have no complaints.

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