First rod component question...

About to embark on my first build. A Batson 7wt Switch. Suggestions for components? Want it to be nice but not TOO spendy. Kit? Separate? Type of cork that works well for a switch(realize some smart ass will pipe off about "personal preference")rod. Have never cast one before. But excited as hell to try it...:) any and all input is appreciated. You're MORE than welcome to comment on my ignorance just be witty about it.


Call Dan Craft at Dan Craft Enterprises and talk with him about components, value etc. He's a wealth of knowledge and will get you started on the right foot. He'll be able to put together a kit for you based on what you guys discuss and what you decide and guarantee you'll be happy with the service, selection and price.
If you want to stop by my little shop in Puyallup I can make you a good deal on some components. I should have just about all you need in stock to make a nice rod.

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