A Wallace Trip to the Yak

View attachment 42825 View attachment 42831 View attachment 42830 View attachment 42829 View attachment 42828 View attachment 42827 View attachment 42823 View attachment 42826 View attachment 42824 View attachment 42832 Flew back to Washington from Indiana for a great trip with my brother and nephew! Started out as a cool day and ended up nice and warm. My brother fished deep with nymphs and I stayed on top. Well, think I should have went deep :beathead:. My bro did excellent! :thumb: I think it was the rod, old yella, 12' 5/6. Me and my nephew, well great casting practice. I took out the Cabelas traditional 11' 6wt with a 350gr airflo scandi and love it. Great match! Made me miss Washington even more.
It did recharge me. I have to come back, bought a annual license. So now gives me more reason to come back and fish. I relooked at the pictures and I laugh because they are all of my brother and nephew. It was great to be able to take pictures of them, watching them fish and catching fish. To me it is not always about the fish I catch, it's the fun you have on the water with friends and family.
We first started up river around Cle Elum and then took a drive down Canyon. Both areas beautiful, great sunny day, saw deer, a snake trying to eat a small fish and especially mountains and hills. Something I don't have here in Indiana, clear running streams, what a great day.
I will be back in the fall for more fishing and not just one day!!