Your favorite time of year...

All of these heavy posts of late, got me to daydreaming, and hoping to start a lighter, fun thread that I can read here at work..:)... I have been chasing steel with big gear for too many months, and find myself dreaming of small mountain streams, bugs, and little jewels. It amazes me, the options we actual have in this state.. from Summer and Winter Steel, high alpine, low desert, small and large streams, lakes etc. I was curious to see what turns people on most... for me, wet wading up a small, remote mountain stream in June pitching dry flies to hungry trout is where my heart is.

So what about you? Are you a April Metalhead, a June Alpine lakes back country enthusiast, a November Chum fan or still searching?



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Casting #20 dry's all day to rising trout in the alpine backcountry lakes of the Beartooth mountains. That is where my heart is. Oh, and dead-drifting weighted #16 skip-nymphs on the upper Deschutes below the Blue Hole. Add a summer morning on Hosmer Lake, with the fog vaporizing into the blue sky, swarms of hatching caddisflies, and the ripples of fish rising all around you. Hmmm, I guess some of my heart should go to fishing the tiny mountain streams in NE WA/ID with little hopper patterns in the fall - releasing little 8" jewels back into their micro-water-world. 20+ fish days on the Crooked River in the dead of winter... And I can't forget all of the lake fishing that explodes in the late spring both on the east and west side of the Cascades. DAMN IT! I just can't pin my heart down to one instance...It's all good!
Oct and Sept are the BEST for me. Throwing giant #4 and #6 dry flies all day to Steelhead and Searun cutties that just slam them like a stick of dynamite! These months are prime for Giant caddis hatches that are up to 2" long!

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My favorite time of year...

...has to be Sept. 1st through Oct. 31st. The problem is deciding to go fishing or upland bird hunting. In any event, it's a beautiful time of year and both sports are in full tilt. Lake fishing is getting better as temps cool down at night. Birds are fattening up for winter. Leaves begin to change color... the scent of the woods in changing...

But then again, night hunting for JT in a certain Central WA. lake with big fat leeches in July....

Tough question...


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What a wonderful place that we live in that we can even contemplate questions like this! With so many options for every season of the year it is hard to choose a favorite. However, after a long cold winter of steelheading and winter trout fishing I am really looking forward to wet wading hucking dries for eager trout. Have yet to catch a steely on a dry but it is #1 on my hit list for this next year.
My favorite time of year...

I have to agree with Roper, Sept. 1 to Oct. 31. Hoppers to fall caddis, SH dry, low water in the rivers, salmon in the salt, cooling tempatures in the high lakes, fish wanting to get fat, and that "quality" of light at the end of the day, what more can you ask for?
Mark down another vote for autumn. There are so many options that time of year. The salmon are in, the summer steelhead are still around, the searun cutties are here, the Yakima is in top form, the weather is fantastic (still warm but getting crisp), the leaves are changing color . . .

And the Seahawks are playing!

I wish it were fall all year.

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from the day they open area 4A for salmon until the day it closes... for me that's the best time of year.

can't wait for the slayfest to commence.

I may be the odd one out here but I love the first two weeks in June. it's still cool at night but the troutskies are jumping for the dry's !! nothing like watching a trout slamming a dry fly. Steelies are totally cool on a dry too. Watching those monster heads coming out of the water to snatch that skater! whew who ! I like the fall to but after suffering all winter long in freezing water more times than not, not catching a thing. it's nice to see those fish starting to move again!

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Fourth of Juy through the World Series. The wetside rivers and alpine lakes come into shape and stay that way until well after school starts. By playoffs time, the Idaho and Montana streams are perhaps at their best and the desert lakes have cooled down and are starting to fish well again.


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I feel its pretty hard to beat late summer on the Sound. Especially when its approaching dusk, the waters glass calm, and cutts and salmon are about.



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i feel compeled to point this out:
noone feels that winter is a fine time of the year specifically. bald eagles soaring aroung a clouded sky, swinging a fly, being at peice, and hooking the occasional steelhead or dolly. perhaps this is because we have all just suffered through 3 months of this crap
im gonna say wetwading a small stream for brookies on the dry, 3 wt in hand, is almost unbeatable fav time, june


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Man O man. I can hardly control myself having to wait until the first of June and I can get to all of the head waters of the bigger streams like the Sky,Sauk,Stilly. You'd be suprised as to what comes out of those small streams. I get all damp just thinking about them. There's nothing that you can drive to it is all bushwacking. Of course the fish ain't monsters but they are fun on a single hander rod of the smaller type. Say a 7'6" one.

No favortie time of the year for me. I enjoy all 365 days pretty much the same, but if I had to pick one I would probably be in the same time frame as Roper but maybe extending it a couple weeks depending on the year.

So it would be late summer through fall as certain rivers,streams and lakes begin to boil after the long hot summer.

hmmm no pun intended either}(

I really like to get out a lot during this time of year as well.
Got to agree can not pick just one. Love it all
June to Aug: Alpine lakes, Salt, small creeks and larger low land lakes like Cresent and Coldwater.
Aug to Nov: fishing the Salt,fishing rivers for Salmon with some low land lakes time and two full weeks straight in early Sept fishing every day somewhere for some type of fish. Also throw in some bass time in each year.
Nov-Feb: Winter Steelhead (I will land one sometime, I just know it}.
March-June: Lower lakes big and small and night fishing streamers for big trout as the days get longer.

Can not pick which one I like more. All take me into the out doors and all can put a bend into my rod at any time.
All the above is just a rough guideline. Got to love living in a state with so many choices.
The only thing that is nice is as the days get longer it makes it easy to go out after work to fish not just on weekends.

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