Lost on the Klickitat- blue and black pack, three flyboxes

Paul Huffman

Driven by irrational exuberance.
7/23 on the Klickitat or simply lifted from my truck in White Salmon. Blue and black backpack containing a brown fleece jacket and three flyboxes containing all my steelhead flies. One box was ripple foam "Gorge Fly Shop" logo. Another was a Cabela's knobby big fly box.

If it was lifted from my truck while in White Salmon, they left a small bag of milk bones in exchange.

Starting over, need to tie up some flies.

I think I have your
stuff. I was fishing the Klickitat during that time and found a backpack while fishing a run. I contacted the local store and no one had reported it missing. PM me your address and I will ship to you. I had a bunch of stuff stolen from me a few yrs ago and I know what its like to have to start over.



Wow, that's pretty awesome, nice to see someone get their stuff back. Some serious fishing karma to you Curt.

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