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Here are some pictures of my recently completed Grillapagas Island off of the back deck. It affords some reasonable shade, shelter from the rain and a decent view for those long grilling jobs. Before I was grilling on the deck and this is a vast improvement. I built it primarily out of recycled lumber and had a lot of fun putting it together-making a silk purse out of a sow's ear if you will. Fun in the sun. And rain, snow,etc.


Ed Call

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Excellent craftsmanship and material responsibility Ive. Great looking spot. I must admit I love the photos of your place mid winter the best, but bathed in sunlight is pretty fine too. Is that a bottle of the Drool? A perfect combination for sure.


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That is a serious BBQ set-up Ive! It looks like you could even use it for a while after the snow flies.


Dang, you are equipped to handle any beast that's tasty enough to be consumed. Looks good Ive, I've got a feeling that snow doesn't stop you from getting your grill on somehow.

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