August Pink Reports

I caught my first Pink on a fly today! I think I owe someone from this forum a thanks. You posted a picture of a bullet head fly pattern that my friend showed me. I hooked three and got them up to my paddle board but thats when it got interesting, I think a nets in order.

Thanks again
Finally got out in a boat today. Things were hot this morning, and then they got hard to find. We got a few for the smoker though, and it was a gorgeous day to be out on the sound. It just reminds me of how much I love being on the salt water in a boat in the Sound.

We swung by Brown's PT, and there must have been a big school going through as there were at least five fish and any given moment being landed. We saw schools out in the middle and tried to chase them down, but could never find them once they saw the boat.

Good times!

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Drove over to Dash Point state park from the east side on Wednesday, stayed til Friday afternoon.

Thursday morning from the state park beach, things were dead (low tide to rising tide). did not see a single pink jump or surface. Several beach fisherpersons and a few boats were present, one boat caught 2 on gear, another boat caught one on a fly. Thursday afternoon I had a nice kayak up the coast.

Friday morning, fish were around at last (falling tide, low tide to rising tide). A single boat was present off the state park beach, it landed 6 fish from 8 to 8:45. A few beach anglers picked off an occasional fish. I caught one at 9:15 myself, which I photographed(see below), bled, gutted, packed with ice, and drove it home in the afternoon. This fish was delicious filleted with a ginger, horseradish, sake, bread crumb spread on it and broiled.

meanwhile, back at the beach, about 10 am loud whooping was heard from the dash point pier. someone later confirmed to me that they arrived at the pier at 10 am and it was hot.

It slowed down at the beach until about 11 when some more fish came through in the strong tidal current (rising tide). I realized I was casting behind them, so I moved southwest quickly to get in front, caught one, released it, hooked up on the next cast, LDR.

Gear: 7 wt, clear intermediate Airflo 40+ integrated shooting head. First fish on tungsten cone head fly dressed with the usual things, white arctic fox tail, krystal flash, and pink in maribou. Later fishes on a smaller copper bead head fly with pink marabou similar to Steve Savilles postings. The latter was way easier to cast, my tungsten cone may have been too heavy at a 1/4 inch size.

From two days of observations, i must say the gear guys in boats were outfishing the fly anglers by a considerable margin most of the time, and some of these folks clearly knew what they were doing and fished very purposefully. And it was not just a matter of being deeper, since one boat I saw on Thursday afternoon hooked up by moving closer to the shore and casting practically to the beach - into shallow water near shore, in other words. There could be a lesson here about fishing near the bottom and prospecting widely when fish are not showing at the surface. Only when the fish were coming in visible at the surface were the beach fly anglers doing as well or better.

In the photo below, the fish ruler is made from two folding 12 inch plastic rulers from Fred Meyer connected zero to zero with a split ring. This think crumples into a pocket, and only cost a few bucks for parts. Buck salmon has the start of a hump.

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Wow did things ever die down in MA9-West. After hot dawn bites on Wednesday and Thursday it was dead. I saw one pink landed by a fly fisherman and SDR'd by a gear fishermen...and that was the only action. Oh, aand I met what must be the epitome of scum bag beach trolls: I walked up to the beach while it was still dark and noticed a 300 lb 5'8" mole of a human making 40 casts while squeezed into his lawn chair. He quickly spluttered out "if you hook me with that fu©king fly I'm gonna come over der en break yet pole" (please note that he said "pole" and not "rod"). To which I replied after a loud chuckle "Good morning, Sir. Thank you for coming out." Needless to say, I'm pretty sure we won't be BFF's. You meet all sorts on odd numbered years....
August Pink Reports -LP 8/26 Orcas!

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Lincoln Park - Friday 8/26 - Fished on outgoing tide 6:00 to 11:00 AM. About 25 buzz bombers and 1 fly fisherman were on the beach at 6:00 with 4 fish already bleeding. There were about 6 boats trolling the point. Action on the beach was sporadic through the morning. I only saw two fish netted by the boaters. One kayaker had a bent rod a couple times. The fly guy standing on the paddleboard was entertaining to watch as he attempted to retrieve and not drop his paddle.

By 9:00 there were over 125 fishing on the beach when a pod of Orcas surfaced about 150 yards out, actually inside some of the trollers. Great sight! I ran up the beach to get my camera but only got theses two shots. The Orcas did not seem to affect the fishing, but their presence may explain the lack of seals.

A WDFW agent showed up around 9:45 and suddenly there were only 70 of us fishing. He gave out a lot of $80 tickets for failure to record the catch and several other citations. He said he had been at LP since 4:30AM watching. We thanked him for his work.

Action was typical for LP, sporadic schools of fish when 2-6 hookups would occur then 20-40 minutes of nothing. Early in the morning the fish seemed to be just out of casting range. Lots of bait was showing most of the morning, again out a little too far. We saw a few jumpers. Around 9:00-9:30 small schools started to come through in closer and action improved with most people hooking up. I left with my limit at 11:00.

About 8:00AM, I had not hooked up yet when an older gentleman stepped next to me with a 35 year old Penn 704 on a short pole (too old and small to be a “rod”) and landed a big buck on his first cast. He proceeded to limit in the next hour, but lost the 4th fish when it rolled down the beach and swam off, despite his dive into the water to corral it. He lost two more before having to get to his 11:45 AM wrist surgery that will keep him from fishing for 6 weeks. I hope the Coho’s run late for him.

Randy Lindahl

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@ SciGuy...Indeed you meet them all. Although I have had some interesting encounters myself, I applaud you for keeping your cool as I might not have been able to give a great response as you did. I savor my time on the Puget Sound shores and limit myself to those areas where lawn chair fishing will not work. I do however sneak in for a couple hours now and then. Again...Great response!
Thanks for the great reports bouncing bob, jwq and all. I hit the Spokane St. Bridge, fished for 3 hours and got my limit. 2 guys next to me limited out as well. It was fantastic fishing, tons of action, lots of fish being taken. Good spirits, good cooperation.

Wierd thing though, how most people didn't put their fish on ice. How good does a pink that's been on the pavement under a bench for an hour taste?

Needless to say, the bridge was packed. Dude was there since 5 am, no fish until I arrived at 11am.

Right after I arrived, got two fish on the line that I lost due to bad terminal knots. Using a clinch knot now, did the trick!

Thanks for the info


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BP 7:30 AM to 11. Saw fish (in the water 6 feet away swimming by). That's the best I could do for myself. Gear chuckers below the lighthouse were having better luck. One guy beached 2 and had 3 LDRs. Had another guy get one on one side of me and another fly-guy get one on my other side. I think if Pinks had fingers I know what the one swimming by would have been doing;-}


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Steady schools moving through in the Duwi at the low tide. Steady fishing, but nothing crazy. Lots of boats arriving and parking near Spokane Street and turning it into a bit of a cluster as I was leaving at 10:00.
Took my brother who is visiting from Californi out today for a little fishing while we let my crab pots soak a few hours. We ended up hooking over 40 and landed 19 (all released). There was another boat fishing near us that were doing equally as good. The problem is is that they kept keeping every fish they caught. I informed them of the limit to no avail. By the time they left they had in excess of 20 pinks on board. I took a photo of the blue hulled Bayliner, unfortunately it had a couple of numbers missing from it's boat ID numbers. I don't want to offend anyone so I will leave their race out of it. I'm guessing the boat ID number thing was done intentionally. I will be forwarding it to WDFG for all the good it will do. I was spitting mad at their flagrant disreguard at the possession laws. The bastards.

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