Patterns that look good on long pauses or on the initial fall.


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So far in my floundering around the lake I have found a couple of patterns that look really good on long pauses and seem to have almost a natural stunned or crippled look. They are bucktail streamers and bunny leaches(and so far the fish agree).

Are there any other patterns that have a natural "stunned and sinking" presentation that can be used around thick structure or in holes in lily pads(im talking about no retrieve basically just fish the sink then move on due to structure)?

Some other things I have tried with limited success are:

Synthetic Epoxy Head streamers
marabou leaches
bead head buggers

Just looking to try some new stuff, I catch fish but I am sure there are always more out there to catch!


I like to rip lips,,
If you want to catch some pig largies in the pads, you need to go after them with big baits.
Here are some examples I tie when I want to use a fly rod for the largies, and the results.
Otherwise in the summertime I am fishing the slop with a frog and 65lb braid.
Fly fishing cannot keep up with conventional tackle for the largies.


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That is a pig for sure in your last pic, the lake I fish the big bass are like 4 lbs(guys say they have caught 7 lbers but I am highly doubting it) so the flys I fish are a little toned down from those. I will take some pics tomorrow. I have fished bass in texas though and caught some that big it was a lot of fun, up here I guess I just do it for the amusement when the trout in the lake wont take a dry(I dont really like nymphing stillwater).

Heres another question for you though, tonight the bass were hammering something right in the weeds. I looked everywhere and couldnt find what they were eating by going through the weeds. I tried hoppers, frogs, ants, beetles, and damsel flys with no luck.

Any idea what bass would hammer at the shoreline in waist high weeds that you cant see when you go over to look?

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I've had some success with worm type flies, big long leeches and crayfish patterns. Suspended streamers have not produced for me. Poppers and wigglers are fun to fish but I have not interested any really big bass with those.

One strategy might be to try a popper or hairbug with a leech as a dropper. A popper/dropper rig would "suspend" at the level you want and the popper would serve as a strike indicator. Casting that rig might be a trick though....:hmmm:

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