Pass L. last weekend

Jim Jenkins

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I didn't see anyone post anything so I thought I'd share my outting on Saturday. It was a bit slow but worth the trip. I got 3 fish and missed one. Two RB's I got trolling while I was rowing to the north end, both about 12", plants from last year. Working the north shore line (my favorite place) I hooked and landed a 22" GB. I was so excited I actually gave it a kiss before releasing it! haha I don't usually kiss on the first date but made an exception. Only saw two other fish caught. One over on the west side in just before the shallows and one guy on the east side bay chironomid fishing. Is that considered fly fishing? Hmmm.....each his own. I can't stand to sit still that long! Anyway I'd say there were about 15-20 guys on the lake. The one I miss was my own fault I was rowing and smokin' a big cigar, yep that was me, and not paying attention, lost a good fly too. Oh ya, what was I using, well of coarse it was a wooly bugger but what color? I'm not saying <teasingly he says> but it wasn't black, brown, or plain drab green, think brighter colors! You gotta wake'm up before you can catch'm! haha
Jim J

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