"Friend or Foe"


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I saw an advertisement for these in Northwest Fly Fishing...first reaction was COOL! Following I wonder how much? Ending with "oh GREAT...wave runners for fly fisherman....

Has anyone seen these things in action...?

Are they the next nuisance on the water?:dunno


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In the magazine it shows a guy decked out in "fly fishing garb" cruising 'up' a river...it appears to have a kayak type hull. I couldn't find information on draft...it appears pretty safe for most water.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
fee fie FOE fum, I smell the blood of a mokai scum!

I have recurring nightmares about some moron showing up in one of these on my favorite zipperlip and have been thinking of packing my model 870 12 gage magnum pump to see how it stacks up against a jet pump!

p.s. Here's an idea: Write a letter to Steve Probasco (Editor-in-Chief of NW Fly Fishing) and ask him how he'd feel if his favorite SRC zipperlips in Pacific County were invaded by these monstrosities. Then ask him to remove the ad. The term "media whoore" comes to mind.


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Worst case, could you see someone piloting one of these up and down the Yakima or the Skykomish? How would this craft do in rapids is the question, would they be any more dangerous or safer than a drift/pontoon boat? If these boats are pretty forgiving, then I do see a future where the guy who buys a Hummer (sorry, easy target) would have the same mentality to buy one of these.


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I would definitely say more dangerous than either a pontoon or drift boat...the question I have is does it have enough power to go up stream on rivers such as the Skagit, Sky, Yak...etc.

Sharp Steelie

What the heck - more search and rescue cases for
the Coast Guard or any of the other local law
enforcement types. They can always use the
Looks pretty cool to me. I too wonder how safe it is (e.g., I question the wisdom of the guy featured in the photo fishing while standing up in it).

I saw the ad too and knew instantly that the concept would rub some folks wrong. Especially all of you rough & tumble bush-whackers who think fishing isn't fishing unless you've earned that run you're standing in.

That's fine for you, but I've got sore knees & flat feet!:bawling

I assume it wouldn't be allowed on the Yakima, or anywhere else that motorized boats aren't allowed now. I am often frustrated when I want to float say, the Skykomish, but I'm alone and I don't have a shuttle, so I leave my pontoon boat at home and settle for some sorry easy-access run. With this baby, I could put in, cruise upstream a couple miles and float my way back down.

I think its expensive enough that you're not going to see hordes of them on the river anytime soon.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
On bigger rivers like the Sky, Cowlitz or any other river or body of water where jet sleds and other motorized craft are often used, it wouldn't be out of place. My concern is that some yahoo would take it way up some smaller river, tributary, or creek where noisy, polluting, fume-spewing craft don't belong. That thing looks like it could be navigated up some mighty skinny water.


Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Actually, Clay, search and rescue or law enforcement might be a good use for one of these craft. In fact, I wouldn't mind seeing a Game Warden in one swooping in on some poacher. Motorpsychol Fish Cops!

First time I see one of these on the water I will have a hard time keeping from laughing hystarically. Since there are no motors allowed on the yak at least we wont see them there. aaaahhhhh, nothing quite like the serenity of a jet motor right behind your head. lol

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