Wolves intro in WA


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From another Washington outdoor site. For those who hunt deer, moose, elk in the state let the commission know your concerns:

"Washington for Wildlfie's (WFW) president will be presenting the following message to the Washington Wildlife Commission today. It would be very beneficial for additional hunters to forward a brief message of support to the commission by email: [email protected]

Feel free to use our news release, use some of our points, or send your own message, but PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT AND SEND A MESSAGE.
Then send an email to your family and friends and get them to send a message to the commission.


Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
considering they reduced the elk and deer herds in the Madison valley area by approximately 57% according to our guide-who lives there-if I see any, bad news for the vermin.

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