Tiger Trout?



As I write this I am giggling to myself. I don't know what a tiger trout is. I have only fished the east side a couple of times, and have not caught no heard of such a fish. I'm headed over end of this month. Probably Lenice for the first couple of days, How far is the hike into the seeps lakes? what would you advise? Fill me in on the whole Tiger trout thing. :CONFUSED


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Tiger trout are a sterile brown trout/eastern brook trout (char) cross created in . Why they (WDFW) felt it was necessary to start stocking then in lakes that are producing excellent fishing as is baffles me.

Kaari White

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Most of the seep lakes don't have any hike at all, or very little (in view of the parking areas). Go to Mar Don resort and buy a map- and ask them where the fish are biting. I caught a 8lb rainbow on Canal lake a couple years ago, I think it was April- haven't had a bite on that lake since, though, lol!
Mar Don definitely is the place to start. They have maps and up to date information. I've had a substantial amount of success in the past at the handful of lakes that take a little more effort to get into. Rarely do I ever see another angler either, most it seems are content to go to the drive up lakes or the ones that only require a 1 - 2 minute walk to get into. Tight Lines! :THUMBSUP