Columbia River 8/7


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Daytime bass fishing here is normally tough in Aug. for me. Most years just finding bass you can get at with fly line is hard. The high water (50,000 cfs above avg.) has the fish either deep or pushed off the main stem. The later is rare this time of year. They are anything but aggressive mid-day and I had to downsize to a carp worm creation before I could get a fish. I watch one fish just sit on the bottom and move side to side to take things so small I never saw what he grabbed.

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Sighted and caught 2 around 3.5>4lbs. Three caught blind casting. One of those I must have landed the fly on it's head as it was on and in the air instantly. It tossed the fly and another smallie grabbed it for good. I'd call it a reaction strike.

Saw at least 4 other larger bass and they wouldn't budge... leaves me thinking night time is right time.

Really went after carp and they were all sleeping on the surface. Flats I like in the area either have currents or are under to much water to be fishable. Saw plenty going over 25 lbs so when the water drops I'll return.

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