High Tide at Sunset

Ed Call

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Fished a ENE facing beach this evening. No love for me with the fish. A tug or two from the gents on each side of me. It was good seeing Eric and Paul out on the beach. Sun set behind us, nice evening, strange wave action, a few jumpers but no fish to hand. Tomorrow is another opportunity.


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I thought this section was for trip reports with pics. Where are the pictures and just how much of a trip was this ENE beach for you?

Ed Call

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I would post some photos, but the release forms from those in view are not yet processed by the legal department. It was a long drive and I'm not looking forward to that much time in the saddle again. I need these damn fish to come closer to home. Like right out of my faucet or something.
Ed when your faucet run hits full swing be sure to hit me up!

Way to get after em. I think its high time I get out and chase some slime in the morning.

Ed Call

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Two shakers and two tugs on the intermediate tonight. One follow and huge boil on a surface popper. Nothing fresh to eat...working on the leftovers in the fridge.