Casting Demo Sage/Loomis/Winston/Hardy August 20th


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There is a flyshop in Montana who does a shoot-out every few years with the latest and greatest fly rods. I enjoy reading their opinions and reviews, but frankly it’s like reading a good restaurant review. I’m never sure if my tastes will jive with those of the reviewers.
If you’re the kind of person who likes to find out for yourself, here’s your chance:

Saturday the 20th of August we will be hosting a casting demo/shootout with the latest and greatest fly rods. Test drive any of the following: G-Loomis “NRX”, Hardy “Sintrax”, Sage “One”, and Winston BIIIX.

This is not a distance casting competition. You are welcome to cast all of the rods at whatever distance you prefer. Demo reels and lines will be provided. Some of them are exceptionally accurate and we’ll also have some targets set up. Casting instruction and tips will be available as well.

We will have the grill going as well as provide liquid refreshments.
Stay tuned as I am working on some prizes as well.

Come judge the new rods for yourself.

Richard E

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Dang, missed it! I was out fishing, and by the time I took out the boat and was ready to head to your place it was after 5! How did it go? I'm bummed that I missed it . . .

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