Yet Another Cady Report 3/20

Jay Allyn

The Poor-Student Fly Fisher
Went to Cady today for the Puget Soud Fly Fishers Club outing. Got on the water around 7:45. It was a little winds since the wind came in swirlling gusts. Sometimes the water was flat and other times there was a slight breeze or gust. Started out fishing a size 16 Hare's Ear but the fish never even looked at it. So I tied on a size 10 olive wooly bugger and drug it over the shallows as slow as I could just east of the launch. On the shallows where about 30 large trout in the morning. After 3 strikes I finnally kept one on. The fish ended up being a 18-19 inch cutt. About this time many people started to show up. After a while you spent as much time staying out of people's way as fishing, this was mostly due to the fact that almost everybody was from PSFF. Through out the day people where catching fish on streamers, nymphs, and chronomids. Seemed like that catch rate was a fish or two per person. Durring mid-morning a small chronomid hatch started and a few fish payed attention to it. When there was no wind you caould see some fish taking emergers off the surface. I tried an chronomid emerger for quite a long time but the speratic wind gusts made it tough, all I was able to get where 5 missed strikes. The fish of the day however came from a guy that what fishing chronomids in the middle very deep. He caught a 24-28 inch rainbow that took him 5 minutes to land.

In all Cady as fish in it, huge fish were cconstantly jumping, and there are even some to be caught. Try it on a day with no wind and you should be able to get some. Oh and please leave a donation!:professor
Had a blast at Cady today. For me the fishing was dead until after lunch. Switched over to an Olive bunny leach and drove those fish nuts. a couple of nice fish to hand, couple of other LDR's and one that took me to the end of my fly line, would have loved to see that trout. Threw the box at them before lunch with no success. At one point we counted 26 pontoon boats on the lake. Needless to say there were quite a few people on the water.
But it's ok to post reports on how everyone got skunked repeatedly steelhead fishing though!?:7
...Stood knee deep in a run, casted, mended, let swing, nothing, stepped downstream, repeated 3000 times, switched flies 100 times, nothing, went home with such a sore arm (not from catching, but from casting) I could barely lift my arms to type this report.

Now that's a real eye opening report:eek , the kind I like to read before I go to bed!:p
Actually, I caught 21 last year on the Snoqualmie alone, along with a few on Sky, Green, and Cowlitz. As far as the retard part I'm not sure if you're talking about the fish or fisherman, because I know quite a few people on this site have been skunked there...:+ I just checked your photo gallery where's the pictures of your steelhead, I only see a couple of lake fish and an open bottle of beer in a float tube, how ironic !:)
This out look must mean that you don't fish any lakes in the state. That's a sad view. It's also hard to seriously take advice from someone who's motto is to drink so that he can't remember what he did. Sad man.
This thread is getting a little heated; must be spring fever. I fish, I drink. Sometimes I give a report, sometimes I don't. Backyard, I see your point. Same with the other guys (my ass is getting sore from riding the fence). Let's all cry a river, build a bridge and get over it, and start fishing the far side!!! I'm at Pass next Saturday if anyone gives a #@%*!

Happiness is less bickering and a tight line.
I was just having fun, no harm meant! I agree aaron, but what's wrong with posting a fishing report on a site, no one is making you read it...I'll be at Pass on Thursday, and I will post a report to read at your leisure...

>This out look must mean that you don't fish any lakes
>in the state. That's a sad view. It's also hard to
>seriously take advice from someone who's motto is to
>drink so that he can't remember what he did. Sad man.

i don't fish any lakes in this state?

what are you smoking?

Im just sick of hearing 50 reports about the same "fish in a barrel lake".

As for photos... fishboy, come to the dry falls outing bring your camera, i'll let you take all the pictures you want of me, my open beer and my fish :thumb