Where to launch a Kayak

I borrowed a Kayak and want to fish. I just don't know where I can go without carrying it for a mile to launch it. I'm by myself so the closer I can park to the launch site the better. PM me if this is asking too much of an opened question.

Any help would be appreciated.

In the Redondo to Browns Pt area:

Lincoln Park area:

Any where else the pink might be in (I'd like the northeast sound info also but I don't think the main run of pinks are there yet, unless you know something I should).
I'd try dash point if I were you. If you are able to find parking in the parking lot then you only have to carry your bout about 100ft till you hit water... plus the fishing down there is better then most other Marine Areas.



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A kayak can be launched at any boat ramp (fees may apply). Just be a good ramp user and be ready to unload and launch quickly or move it over to the side/dock/out of the way while you get all your gear loaded into it and ready. All boating regulations apply to kayaks in the salt the same as any watercraft so be prepared (including for an inspection), follow the rules of the road and be safe.
I believe you can launch at Seahurst park in Burien, about 1 mile north of 3 tree point. most likely next to the DesMoines Marina on the public beach to the north of the marina and salt water st. park about 2 miles north of Redondo. And of course there is Redondo and you could launch off the beach either north or south of the ramp.

Hikepat lives in the area and kayaks, maybe he can toss in his experiences.

Saltwater State park, Redondo, Browns Point, Des Moines marina, Dash point though it does require a carry, The end of a few roads that give public access that are unnamed to the best of my knowlege. Warning though lattly Browns has require a carry since you can not park very close durring the pink run. Launched there Friday morning and had to drop off kayak and then go find parking.

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You could probably launch from the waterside park at the nth entrance to Lincoln pk, right by the Sewage overflow and swing set....

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