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It might sound like I'm enjoying myself in the audio; I'm not. It's very uncomfortable to do this and I try to keep it somewhat "light" and low key but I find even less comfort in not stepping up and saying anything. It's kind of a civic duty thing; as well as a pissing in the wind thing. ;)

Only three rods stayed.
It seemed to make a difference to a couple people (the dad and son for one)

I do have to admit that I reviewed and it is open to steelhead but I don't think you catch them by casting spoons into schools of pinks. However those guys did shake the pinks off half way up to the bridge deck. I would have enjoyed listening to them convince a game warden of their "I'm fishing for steelhead" tactic. He also didn't seem real confident when he dropped his rod and walked away when I approached with my phone up.

Salmon Fever, probably been around as long as salmon runs and people have cohabited.
It's kind of a civic duty thing; as well as a pissing in the wind thing. ;)
Will I see you upriver warning guys using bait (for kings) or keeping kings this year too? Now that I write that I think I should make a flyer like the sea run cutt non retention flyer and post it at a few spots up river.


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This is one of the reasons that I've all but quit fishing & hunting, these people could careless about any fishing rules & don't know what ethics are.It's like the hunter that shot a spike mule deer ( thought it was a whitetail deer) in our driveway to our property in republic then proceeded to leave the gut pile in the driveway .you soon reliese you don't want be asociated with these people so I quit hunting.


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Paul. You've got some huge ol' balls man.

Way to stick your neck out there. It's every anglers responsibility to know the rules. That being said, I consider myself an average intelligence literate person and get confused to no end trying to figure out all the regulations.

Someone needs to come up with an app based on what is legal for exactly where i'm standing. It's too damn confusing.


He called me an Elitist ?? LOL ..what a moron
You the man Paul.

Have you noticed that since videos like this including local news cast, there has been a decreased number of ignorant anglers now. I see more LEO's out and about during this season.


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Here's the regs:

Duwamish Waterways Special Rules: a) Downstream of 1st Ave. South
Bridge is part of Marine Area 10. Record SALMON caught here as Marine
Area 10 on your catch record card. b) July 1-Aug. 18: CLOSED to fishing
for SALMON. c) Aug. 19-Aug. 28: same rules as Elliott Bay Fishery
plus the additional restrictions listed in this section. d) Aug. 29-Aug. 31:
CLOSED to fishing for SALMON. e) Sept. 1-Oct. 31: same rules as Area
10 Entire Area plus the additional restrictions listed in this section. f) Nov.
1-June 30: same rules as Area 10 Entire Area. g) Additional restrictions
Aug. 19-Oct. 31: from the 1st Ave. South Bridge downstream to an east-
west line through SW Hanford St. on Harbor Island (including waters at
the Spokane St. Bridge) - night closure, unlawful to use forage fish jig
gear, anti-snagging rule, and only salmon hooked inside the mouth may be retained.
1-June 30: same rules as Marine Area 10 - Entire Area.

Elliott Bay Fishery: Waters east of a line from West Point to Alki Point
including the Duwamish Waterways upstream to the Spokane St. Bridge:
a) July 1-Aug. 18: CLOSED to fishing for SALMON. b) Aug. 19-Aug. 28:
CLOSED to fishing for SALMON, except open to fishing for SALMON
Friday through Sunday each week. See Elliott Bay fishery on next page
for rules and limits from Aug. 19-Aug. 28. c) Aug. 29-Aug. 31: CLOSED
to fishing for SALMON. d) Sept. 1-June 30: same rules as Marine Area
10 - Entire Area. e) See special rules for the Duwamish Waterways on
this page."

So does this mean that from now until the 29th, the stretch upstream of the Spokane Street bridge is open every day, and the stretch below the bridge is open Friday through Sunday...then everything closes August 29-31, and then everything is open after September 1st?

I seem to remember that the stretch below Spokane Street was closed until September 1st in 2009, which makes me suspect that I'm misreading the regs.
Well at least the regs are super clear to people who (may) not be native English speakers. I find your video kinda iffy, I feel like you could have educated these people and had better results then sticking a camera in there face and calling them out in a somewhat passive manner, threatening them, etc.

Next time, maybe approach them calmy, explain to them that the season opens on (whatever day) and that currently its agaisnt the law to fish here. Sometimes it can go along way to give them the benifit of the doubt or start real converstation with them before you explain they are breaking the law. If the people at that point are unresponsive or unwilling to stop fishing on there own, walk out of earshot and give 911 a call to report there activty. That should be enough to get local officer to the scene to re explain what your just informed them about, check for warrants, and possibly issue citations.

At least thats how I have done it and I only had to resort to calling the police in one encounter where i felt physically threatened.

It's good that you care and all, I just dont think you tactics are the most effective or respectful to the other fisherman (even if they dont have the same fishing ethics as you).

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