Airflo Rage Compact

Thanks Larimer...Stever G. built me a scandi punch, which sounds very similar but will take conventional tips to 100gr. though 85 works will "punch" through the wind and is very nice to cast as it's neither a scandi or skagit but a betweener..

I've been bitching for awhile and I don't know why others weren't asking for this style line...I don't like cheaters for the hinge, but would prefer a 30+ foot head that can handle decent tips for actual winter fishing....Why I am now using the Tip version of the 45 fall fav. that simon made for me...excellent line and fishes in the wind well and takes 109 gr. tips on my 540 6/7 wt one...but I had to get simon to make it for me so not that readily available..

I'm more interested in why not make the same that will take conventional tips for winter time use as well...You might say there are enough lines for that, i.e. the steelhead scandi, extreme or tactical..but they IMHO are fine with lighter tips and smaller flies...but honestly suck in any strong wind!!! Guys who have told me they don't can't cast so it doesn't matter to bout it???
I hadnt heard of the Punch- I've heard of the Plunge - Sounds similar in idea to the Skagit spey intermediate head I'm thinking about something along these lines to really cut the wind in the lower Deschutes when its blowing insane and I dont want to go home.


No it's a floating head and he called it the "punch"

Sean, If we were supposed to go off everyone's rep. then this game would seriously suck...I get Tom's weekly newsletter and enjoy the hell out of it..but I've never met the man...I stopped buying the koolaid after running into one of the "legends" of the sport at a speyclave and found him to be the biggest bone smoker around...Guy is out there promoting complete shit but everyone eithers spits or swallows because he is who they thought he was...
All I can say is thank god for the Mike Kinneys of the spey world..fucker makes me laugh like nobody...

Hope Tom didn't take any offense to the questions asked, it's a good time to be fishing a spey rod these days when there are so many lines out there for a change and we don't have to bastardize them to our liking...

Hell I was even fishing a 65' carron on a small stream you can spit acorss just about and it worked...not really the tool for the job I was looking for but fun all the same for taking on my trip..

The nextcast ff tip version, the steelhead scandi, the steelhead extreame are all new and very interesting lines...and that's not mentioning all the other lines that recently came out..So nothing wrong with asking IMHO...
I casted one today on my 1266 Rainshadow- I added a floating tip from an SGS Skandit and a ten foot polyleader- it flys- Its like a Scandi compact with balls, its very dense so it goes like a scalded cat- didnt get a chance to try it with a tip but its so fat at the tip it looks like it would turn over tips with ease.
I took mine out for some casting practice today as well. I bought a new compact Skagit and then the rage as well for my rod. I practiced with the Skagit and was happy. I then put on the Rage with a 10 foot Airflo poly leader and about 3 more feet of tippet and a spey fly, unweighted, size 2. It was an absolute pleasure to cast and bombed out there easily. To be fair, I was practicing with 10 and then 15 feet of T14 on my Skagit just before this, so I felt like I was casting without much effort. It certainly felt better than adding a floating tip to a Skagit, and seemed easier to cast than a scandi. I will actually fish on Sunday and can't wait to try it out under real conditions.



I fished the 420 grain Rage yesterday on the Deshcutes and I really like it. But, I think to get the most out of it it really needs a polyleader - a floating tip, or a sinktip, but it likes tips. Casted this line on a Rainshadow 6126 spey with floating tip 7.5 feet, plus floating poly tip and it zings as a floater, Although a bit heavy for this rod -Also casted with 10' t8 on this rod and it was good but a bit much or this particular rod, waterborn or T&G- Casted said line on Eco TR 1307, Beulah Classic 1277/8 - it really zips- I did not however cast any huge flys, yet.- Interested to see just how long of a floating tip this thing could handle.
Based on the profiles of the Rage and Compact Scandi, it appears that cutting a heaver Scandi ( for example 510gr@34') about 4 ' form the front will
produce Rage ( 480gr@30').
Based on the profiles of the Rage and Compact Scandi, it appears that cutting a heaver Scandi ( for example 510gr@34') about 4 ' form the front will
produce Rage ( 480gr@30').
I dont know. I have thought the same thing but have not done a side by side comparison with a mic. the Rage seems to be made from a dense material- it rides very low in the water. Marketed as Mass in the ass- so its probobly a different configuration. Also, guys are sticking 15 foot floating tips on them. I'm switching over from the compact scandi to these and in some cases from the compact skagit also.

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Compact Skagit's single spey very well as does every other line on the planet it's not a question of line design but a question of casting ability and ability to adapt your cast to the line.
The Rage has a gradual taper for the forward half of the line, and is level (no taper) for the forward 4-6' to the end loop. It reminds me of a cross between the Airflo Compact Skagit and the RIO Flight, but longer. It has "mass in the ass" for about 10', but like the Flight, that section tapers off quickly leaving a forward end that is moderate. The Airflo Compact Scandi has less weight concentrated right in the rear, but the rear belly is bit longer, and then the line tapers down more dramatically to a finer point. If you cut a Scandi at 4', there is still a pretty sharp taper right down to the new cut point. A Rage 480 has a thicker front end than a Scandi 510 cut back 4'. If you cut back 5', then the tip diameters are similar. If you cut back 6', the Scandi is thicker.

These lines are not the same taper, and do not have the same flight and energy transfer characteristics. However, both are sub-35' shooting heads, so in the big scheme of spey lines, they don't require very different casting strokes.
Until I bought a rage I was fishing a compact scandi with 5' cut off the front. I found I liked it better for foam dries (compared to an uncut version) and I was also able to loop on as much as 10' of t8 and still throw darts with 3" String leeches.

For me the rage fishes very similar but with more of a skagit feel than scandi, you can certainly feel the "mass in the ass" as you're d loop forms. It seems to tighten up and stay under the wind better than a scandi (at least for me) and throws a BIG dry without missing a beat. For outta the box performance I dig it. But I like short head systems they work well for my style.

My $.02