Very quiet lake for canoe camping trip?

I was planning to head down this weekend to Waldo Lake in the Oregon Cascades for a few days of camping. Then I learned that camping is no longer allowed on Rhododendron Island. (I last camped there in 1996: been a while.)

I'm now considering a trip here in Washington. Does anyone have any recommendations for a very quiet lake campground with canoe access? I'd prefer camping on a lake with motor restrictions.

If anyone here is familiar with Waldo, I'm looking for a place that's about that quiet. It would be fine with me if I didn't see or hear people for a few days. (I need some deep relaxation . . .)

If there are really stupid fish in the lake, that would make it that much more appealing.

Thanks for your suggestions.

--Dan (Sharecropper)
Take a look at Ross Lake in the North Cascades. There are very, very few power boats since there is no road access and just a few boats from the resort at the south end (and a park ranger patrol boat). You would put in at Diablo Lake, paddle up to Ross Dam, and then arrange for the resort truck to get you up to Ross. A lot of solitude to be found up there.

I believe all the campgrounds around the lake may require reservations so be sure to check on that too.


Eyes to the sky...
Merrill doesn't allow gas motors, has a nice campground, and has a hex hatch. Pretty sure the timing is right for that hatch as well. Might call a SW WA shop to find out. I fished it and camped it last summer with my kid and we had a blast. Good luck.

Thanks for the suggestions. I think that I'm going to try Merrill Lake. I haven't done much canoeing for a very long time, and I don't think that I'm up for the Diablo/Ross trip--at least not without doing some confidence-building canoeing first.

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