Any Area 13 - South Sound Reports?

Heading down to Area 13 this weekend with the family. Haven't fished it for a month or so, and the last time I did it was pretty slow for anything you'd catch with a flyrod. Anybody finding any love down south? ...not asking to divulge any secret spots... Seeing any concentrations of bait? Productive tide cycles?


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actually saw bait getting busted hard by a 2 lb ish cuttie/rezzie a couple nights ago
larger fish jumped out in the bay
there is some action out there
but alas nada para mi
I guess I'll answer my own call for reports....blew a lot of gas this weekend in MA 13 looking for fish, specifically resident coho. Found lots of bait all along the south east end of Case Inlet and on the south side of Harstine Island. A few chinook shakers busting through the bait and lots of harbor porpoises and seals, but no coho or cutts to speak of, even at the usual spots. Heard reports of a pod of Orca in the area this weekend, but didn't see any myself.
Not much happening with regards to the flyrod down here in area 13--but I have to tell you, if you can stand doing a little jigging for King Salmon, I have limited out nearly everyday I've gone last week and killed them on Saturday. My buddy and I broke out the flyrods for them around slack, they were rolling and jumping out of the water and we couldn't resist trying to catch one of the monsters on the fly. We didn't get any hook-ups flyfishing, but we managed to bring 6 Kings to the boat jigging. Only kept four hatchery's of course! Released a native without netting that was easily pushing 30 pounds, adipose fin bigger that a 50 cent piece. Then, we hooked up with a keeper that was nearly as big! Man these fish can put up a fight! Great Day!!!

oh....Lyle Point, Anderson Island. 25-65 feet of water near the red marker.


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sheesh dan what a slab
i was going to talk about some descent cuttie fishing last night
a small bead head olive streamers was hot
Dan - Nice! I was down off Anderson at the end of July, but did not have my fish finder working and was pretty much fishing blind. I broke out a jig for a while, but didn't stick with it. I usually carry a rod with a point wilson in the boat in the event I get caught out in the wind and can't flyfish. I have to say it is an art I have not mastered. I've caught a couple sub-legal blackmouth on jigs under bait balls here and there over the years, but I don't seem to have the touch for it. Any tips would be seriously appreciated! PM me if you don't want to spill it on-line. I'll likely head down this weekend. If you see a yellow center console with a guy flailing around, stop by and say hi.

rotato - A beadhead olive bugger is my go-to fly in the south sound. My kids love to flip rocks on the beaches and I noticed there are a lot of 1" to 2" olive shrimp/scuds around and, of course, lots of olive marine worms. I usually like ones sparse tied with a little bit of orange marabou in the tail. I've also done well on peacock herl buggers. Usually if there is a cutt around one or the other will do the trick....I just have a hard time finding any fish this year. Will keep trying!

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