Lenore/ Rocky Ford Creek


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I fished the Ford on Monday since I was in Moses Lake meeting up with Bogie for business, and it was alright..I only fished it for about 1 1/2 hours with one fish to hand and 2 break offs. One guy was just slayin em but I have no clue what he was using...sorry. I used the typical size 14 olive scud on 5x 9ft practicing pure patience and minimal scud movement until the fish approached??? Wish I could be of more help.

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I was headed for Lenore last week but didn't make it. Ended up at R.F. on Wed (3/17) and Thur (3/18). I had similar results as Patrick. Wed I had two fish to hand both on an olive scud. Then on Thurs I had 3 hookups with two fish to hand. Also on the scud. My brother had one hook up on Thurs on a size 14 BH Prince.

I don't know what it's been like this week. But when we were there it was windy as all get out. We ended up fishing for several 2-3 hour stretches throughout the day (with long breaks in between).


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I was at Rocky Ford for a couple hours on Monday with my brother and girlfriend, we spent Sunday night in the car at Lenice without getting much sleep and we decided we would end up falling asleep in our float tubes, so we went up to the ford. I think I ended up with 7 or so, girlfriend 1, brother 1. Anything presented well was producing for me. Brother got his on a olive leech thingy I tie up, girlfriend got hers on a black leech thingy. I think I got two on a black leech thing, couple on a hares ear dead drifted. Some on a hook with some hares dubbing with a silver rib. This was a very simple pattern that I tied up there after losing my hares ear to a fish that I got to hand (I grabbed the tippet and he had a head shake, I hate it when that happens). Hares ear was working best for me, and most people I told. Just dead drift it down in front of them. They will suck it up and WHAM, fish on. Another good producers were an orange scud presented in the same manner, pink scud also was working for a guy I talked to. Leeches were the most fun to fish I would say. What was working best for me was medium/slow strips until a fish turns and looks at it, then do some fast strips, which normally would draw a strike. Just makes sure it sinks to the bottle before you start your retrieve, other wise I ended up too high in the water column. The leeches weren’t producing as well as the scuds, and hares ear, but you actually got to do something besides drift your fly threw the current. I had a couple fish just chase my leech down, on the medium/slow strips, and then speed it up a little and you can watch then hammer it, it was pretty cool. That is how my brother and girlfriend caught theirs too (medium/slow until a look, then fast). I had one that I couldn’t see because of glare on the water, but I could see her wake behind where I thought my fly was, so I did a couple fast strips and she hit it hard. I also hooked up on one that went air born, that was fun to see a 18 inch fish get all the way out of the water. He was a really nice looking fish.

On a side note, Patrick, when were you there? Where were you fishing and what were you wearing?

Me and a friend were at Lenore and the Ford on Monday. We fished Lenore from 6:30 am to 9 am, with limited success. I had three to hand, my friend one. We were the only ones hooking up, and from what I heard it was slow all day.I was using a small olive scud with brass bead. The Ford was a bit more productive. We each landed a few. I was using a black leach with a bit of silver, my friend scuds. It was the first time either of us fished Ford. There seemed to be a lot of algae on the surface which made it challenging at times. I wonder if this gets worse over the summer. The fish seemed quite particular. I walked up to my friend sight casting to a large fish. He threw everything in his box. At his urging, I threw the leach (which he threw similar) on a bad cast. It smacked the water to its left. It turned, ripped the leached and took off, going air-borne twice. Beautiful fish.

Had a blast in the nice weather, blackbirds singing, beer cold. Can't wait to go back.



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Hey Sly...I got there around 10:30 (ish) and left around noonish. White t-shirt and blue jeans with a william joseph pack on my hip..no hat and virtually no hair ;) Black 3/4 ton GMC ex-cab with tinted windows, third parking lot..fished the little null almost exclusively. Didnt see any women there so you guys must have been at the first or second parking lot??? All I know is it was getting really warm when I left. Too bad we didnt meet up??

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I was at the Ford yesterday. I had 20 hookups and 5 to hand.
My buddies each had several hookups as well. I started with a prince nymph and a scud dropper and had several takes with that. I lost 3 of my scuds to heavy strikes. (also fished it with an indicator) I switched to a dry fly with a scud dropper, because my first set up was just plowing into the weeds. Had several takes on the dry fly (stimulator pattern)and very good luck with scuds. I used olive, cream, and orange. The best producers were the cream colored scuds and the orange scuds. I'm hoping to get back out there again soon. If anyone wants to carpool from the wetside, let me know.( I live in Tacoma ) I get 7 days off every other week.


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