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I think I am going fishing. I know what fish I want to catch. I pretty much know what river I am going to fish. I also know basically where the fish will be. I know which rod I am going to use. I have a reel for the rod. I also have a couple of lines I think will work for where I will be fishing and what I am fishing for. I have a couple boxes of flies that have worked in the past. I am going to be fishing from a boat which has worked for this type of fishing before. I have a camera that will work for taking pictures if I catch any fish. Since I am fishing from a boat I don’t need waders or boots. I have a rain coat that worked the last I was in the rain. I will be making a lunch to take along and have the cold beverage of my choice. I will be fishing in a section of the river that is open according to WDFW fishing regulations and the fish I want to catch is legal to fish for in the section of river I will be fishing.

Have I forgotten anything?

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
I'd bring my cell phone, turned off so it won't ring. But its there if I need it to call in any observed poaching activity.
Maybe a favorite microbrew or a flask, to celebrate when you bring to hand a really good fish.


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Me! I'll even bring the cigars and scotch... and my own lunch of course.. since you already made yours!


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You forgot to announce an open seat invitation. That kind of fishing makes for a good social experience, which is hard to have when fishing alone. Yet I understand fully the benefits of fishing alone. He who fishes alone leaves when he damn well pleases. I actually like to fish with others, but I loath planning and coordinating with others - too much like work.


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