Let the 2011 Cast & Blast begin!!


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It was almost too easy. 18 shells and 25 minutes later and I had a limit of doves with my old pos Winchester semi -auto. I even managed to squeak out 3
doubles. I had to complete my C&B and hit the Naches on the way home for some

cuts on caddis patterns. Caught 3-nothing too big. Around 14 ". I hope the rest of the season bodes as well. I did get the stink eye from my dog when I returned home and started cleaning doves. Next time will take him. I made up for ill feelings by frying up some dove hearts and livers and giving them to him.

Fresh veggies from the garden, fresh grilled dove and elk steak from last year I discovered in the freezer washed down with a few IPA's.

Despite the Discover Pass, lead in the lakes and rivers, the netting of native steelhead and salmon, high fuel prices I would say that
life is pretty damn good in Washington today.
Awesome stuff Ribka. I'm hoping I can manage to fill a limit tomorrow- as for just 18 shells, well I wont bet on that.
The shotgun I am using is a used 12 ga 28" Red Label, which I decided on after lots of advice from people on the board and a couple of older hunters that helped show me the ropes.


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Nice work there Tom, I'm jealous, I couldn't buy a grouse for two days of hitting the woods. The only three I saw were on a neighbor's back patio. I don't think it would have been sporting to nail one there...

I may break away and head over to your area soon, I'll holler before I go and maybe we can meet up for a while.

Regards, Roper