New State Record Steelhead (Pending)


The dumb kid
tis no steelhead! shes a whale!

i want to see someone land one of them pups on a fly.. then i will be truly impressed

still a good fish in my books


Matt Burke

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Said it was caught and released, but he is hugging it like a baby. Either way, a fish like that would have had me filling up my waders.

Matt Burke


Banned or Parked
This sure defies everything the Forks politicians had to say about people's intentions for wild steelhead. A potential world record released instead of being bonked for the record books. Who would have thought? Oh wait, it said the guy who landed it was one of those "urban elitists" from the Seattle area...
The ONLY reason that fish was released was because it was caught in wild steelhead release water.

That particular guide is one of the most outspoken opponents of Wild Steelhead Release and he funnells those views to the City Council as his mother is a councilwoman.

Plus, he also fuels intimidation of those in support of Wild Steelhead Release via threats, etc.

...not to mention, he accuses other guides in Forks that fish the wild steelhead release water (Hoh above 101 for example) as "fishing the spawner water," and has wanted those areas closed for years.

Sharp Steelie

Of course I'm not pissed - that fish is larger
than my native, and not sure about the weight
on it. The hatchery fish that I landed was 38
pounds and if I really cared about records would
have made sure it was officially weighed. I'm
thrilled to see anyone get a great fish like
that - it's a beauty! Hope to see some other
good, deserving fly fishermen get into some like
that. In my opinion, It's all about fun - not records!:thumb

Gabriel Burgi

doesn't live in WA anymore :(
I was just at Dworshak National Fish Hatchery and watched them spawn some enormous B-run hens and bucks. Makes the teenies I caught on the Tucannon this year look like parr.

And even then, the fish in that pic makes the hatchery ones I saw look small too. Nice fish.