crab creek

im heading to the east side in 2 weeks to fish lake lenice and rocky ford, and i was wondering about crab creek. Is this worth fishing and where can i access it.


There is a guy in one of the clubs that I belong to that fishes Crab creek regularly. He swears by it. I have lookied into it myself, and am not sure whether he fishes upper or lower crab creek. I have looked over the southern portion in places and the way this guy describes it doesn't match what I have seen of it. I'd suspect He fishes the upper portion. I'll call him today and see if he'll cough up some details. :THUMBSUP
I hate to butt in, but I saw your note on the forum. I'm thinking about a trip up to Crab Creek in a couple of weeks from The Dalles, OR. I've heard it's a good time, but don't know much about the area. From the map it looks like Othello is the closest town to stay in. Any advice on access points? Thanks much. Keith
my girlfriends dad lives in ephrata so i fish the ford when im there because it is close and the closer it is the longer i can fish could you help me find out about crab creek any info would be great. thanks. benjie :COOK