One of a kind net.

Ghost bag is part of the plan. I am going to cut a thread channel around the bow, drill some holes and sew on the bag.


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Generally I mill the the thread groove on one the outside strip before I glue up. You can also do it with a router and large bushing on a 1/8" cutter and large bushing as you really only need about a 1/16" depth(you probably already have that figured out). The ghost nets are very nice but the one I like to use is the measure net guide size in their rubber mesh. It is WAY lighter than the typical rubber net, has measuring guide inside the net to 36"(wish I needed that!) and it zips on with a good YKK zipper.Jusy my $.02. Very nicely done though. Really like the bandsaw wave down the middle of the handle.
Great looking net!!

I too was inspired to make a net of my own.. They sure take alot of time.. but it is worth it in the end. Just christened mine yesterday with a Beauty rainbow

I am planning to make a small stream net as well as a nice big boat net.

Nice work man... that handle looks great!..

I am in the process of making another one and will probably do some inlay work.

I bought the brodin ghost bag. they are not the same as the actual brodin bags on the pre assembled nets from brodin.

Also I finished it with Minwax Spar urehane.. 4 coats with a light 400 sanding between coats. Last coat was thinned about 10-15% with paint thinner to get a smoooth finish.

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