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2 for 4 this morning. This one tore me up. Chartreuse over white with a thin pink lateral line. The coho are in...quit fishing for pinks.

They are determinately in. My fishing buddy and I got three of Thursday, four on Friday and three yesterday. All fish were caught on the afternoon incoming tide.
Yeah, I FINALLY hooked in to a good fish Saturday in MA9. I'm an idiot and wasn't paying close enough attention and didn't get a good hook set so it was a LDR. Long enough to see it was a good fish though. At least now I know I'm doing something partially right so that's good. After a good number of outings and no grabs I was beginning to wonder if I was just doing somehting wrong. I picked up a an Outbound Intermediate and spare spool on my way home so we'll see if that helps too.

Question for you folks, what leader length do you usually use for an intermediate/sinking line?
I'm still pretty new to the beach game, but when I fish my 40+ intermediate I usually use a pretty short leader. 6-7' feet or so. Sometimes I'll just run a short length of straight fluro, just a few feet.

I tend to go about half/half between intermediate and floater. I like the intermediate at PnP cause it seems a bit deeper than many of the beaches I fish and it can get down below salad and current messes that really get moving through there sometimes.

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