Yee haw!

I am so extremely jealous! I haven't caught jack schart but 2 tiny src's off the beach... I love over near Purdy and Port Orchard and have no motivation on driving 40 miles one way to toss a fly, so I reckon it will be a fishless year for me :(

Nice fish ALL of you!
There will be some chum action close to home later this fall - always a good time on a fly rod!


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i love near purdy too but that is another subject
the tribe is catching silvers at said love spot
so koolmonix you have got a shot
some rezzies around too

i fished the lower willipa yesterday and saw lots of silvers and kings
nothing to take home but fun casting a nymph rig (i guess)
For you guys over in the Purdy area, is the Coho run just ramping up or coming to a close over there? I have a buddy over there that told me it's just about over. Everything I've read and heard though tells me they come after the pinks. He fishes mainly up by Dabob Bay so maybe they run early over/up there. I'm looking to head up there so hope I'm not coho on the grill!
Whoo Hoo. The two day skunk is off. Picked up two nice hens this morning on a cobblestone Area 9 beach. Missed one other fish. Both fish were caught 1/2 hour on either side of the morning high tide.

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