Pattern Flies for the skeena system?


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heading there in a couple weeks so far I've got ESLs, Lip Spreading Woolies, GBSs, Other random skunk style flies, and a few intruders, where I'm stuck is skaters, i was thinking some foam bombers and other assorted stuff we use up here for bows... Should I be going big? Small? Medium?

90% of my steelheading has involved nymphing little teeny streams sooo... I'm kinda lost
well i havnt been there... but ive read a few places the skykomish sunrise is a good choice.

proabably some more intruders in pink, purple, and maybe some marabo leaches? have fun :p
purple bombers are always great on the skeena. if I was you i'd tie alot of untruders in yellow/pink/red. thats always a great color. skykomish sunrises would be good too in large sizes.

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