Horsethief or Spearfish

Shawn West

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I had planned to stop and fish the Gorge on my way back to Vancouver from Boise. I decided to try Horsethief Lake. As I am pulling up to the lake I see a sign that says I need a Discovery Pass. Since I have not purchased one yet, I turned around and headed to Spearfish Lake. There was no real wind to speak of. I started out with a popper. I got a strike on my first cast. It ended up being the biggest fish of the day (15"). I caught fish on and off from 3 pm until sunset. Some of my favorite moments on the lake came when bass came completely out of the water to smash my popper, only to completely miss it. That sure gets the blood pumping.

The water level is still pretty high. One thing that has changed on Spearfish Lake is the number of baitfish swimming around. There must be thousands of 2" baitfish swimming around. I saw a few bass chasing the bait, but I thought I would see a lot more activity by the bass. Maybe they are taking the baitfish deeper.

It looks like I may have to go out and purchase a Discovery Pass as well as a NW pass. I hate spending extra cash for something that should be included with my fishing permit. I guess you have to pay if you want to play.


Steve Call

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Check the signs that say Discovery Pass, most say in small letters that the vehicle permit you get with your fishing or hunting license is good.