WTB: Hunk of T-14

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Looking for 30' or so but would settle for 1 piece about 15' long. Experimenting with a line for dirty water silvers. Short floating/sinking head I want to put together so I can just chuck into the shrubs and start stripping.


Yep, but I'd rather not pay what the shops are asking right now. If someone has a piece they aren't using, that's the route I'd prefer.... and willing to pay for that hunk of dredging material. I could also buy a new Z-Axis 6126 at a shop but would rather find one used somewhere.....;)
What's it going for now? Last time I had Ron make me a tip at AATF it was only like .80 cents a foot. PT, that would make you an even cheaper bastard than myself, and that's saying something!


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A buddy just told me that The Red Shed sells it for like 50 cents a foot. But I didn't look into it to check his accuracy.


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Think I got mine for .40 a foot at Orvis, but don't quote me on that. If you want aggressive and cheap some guys use throttle cable from junkyards or some Cortland LC-13.
Z-10, 14, 18 tips $8.00 most lengths, $35- for 100'.... - meiserflyrods.com/speyshop.php

If that is not cheap enough for ya I have some Cortland LC13 I will sell, unopened 30' package, $15- first class shipping included!


It used to go for around .30/foot. Now it's 30' for $40. No big deal either way. Just thought someone might have a piece sitting around not getting used and wanted a few bucks for coffee.

Estuaryboy, thanks for the info. I forgot all about the Meiser stuff.

This might be the first time anyone has ever referred to me as being cheap:D
Ha, right on.

Ring Pacific FF or Ron, they both have the bulk spools of 8, 11, and 14. When I said .80 a foot, I was talking about the completed tip, if ya buy the shit by the foot why the hell not have the shop peeps throw the loops on there as well and just be done with it?
Hey dude,

Perhaps you should get a cardboard sign...stand on a corner.....?? If you can't afford 10 feet of t-14...how can you afford to buy gas to go fishing? What a joke

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Pheasant Tail, if you still need some, I've got a Rio kit downstairs. Send me a PM with a draft apolgy for all the shit you flip me and maybe I'll send you some!

I'll second the magic of the weldable Z material from the Meiz though, I've got some and you can't have any of mine. You'll have to get some of your own.
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