most epic day if steelheading in my life.


Tight line takes ain't no fakes!!
A 6 For 6 day is still in the realm of after it with gusto. You are still young my friend.

Nice report!

John Hicks

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That was a great read and great report. Looks like you hit the pod of fish that were in the D two weeks ago. Fuck yes
Yep, the Deschutes has been fishing exceptionally well this year, thanks for the report!

With the cooling temperatures and good flows things should be getting better there over the next couple of months as well. Great access and stunning country...doesn't get any better!


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Every now and then it all lines up. When it happens the memory of the day will keep us coming back through thick and thin.

Play the game long enough and it happens more often and what makes an epic day changes. Either way its most excellent when it happens.

My most recent epic day: I rolled 18 in an afternoon. All on a waked bug on an old school classic rod with a classic reel, my own pattern (Mumbles knows which one). First day of the trip. I could have sat there and not fished the rest of the trip after that....