Swap Winter Steel Swap

Do that color combo! I don't tie enough combos with white. That would be a good addition. I tie mine in purple/blue/chartreuse which is what got that king in the photo. Purple/pink has done real well too. Orange/red. All pink and all blue. But I like chasing dirty water around so my flies kinda reflect that. Love to see some whites.
I wouldn't mind one more to the lineup Eric. If everyone is cool with tying one more pattern you can jump in no problem. What are you thinking?
Alright I just tied up 3 before i settled on my combo for the swap. Blue and purple tube it is. And its nasty. Eric I would gladly add you but now I've got several guys messaging me trying to get in as well and I gotta close doors before it gets outta hand. I'm sorry buddy don't take it personal. We should swap a few flies when we hit the sky this winter I wanna see that scandi tube! Sorry to the others that want in, lots of interest on this swap. Thanks guys!
Here's my prototype for this swap. It's a variant on the classic Glasso pattern Sol Duc Dark with different colors and some modern materials.

AJ Spey #3
Gudebrod 6/0 red
Dark purple floss body
Pearl mylar over the floss
Lagurtun silver oval tinsel
Claret seal fur dubbed in the split purple floss
Claret/purple coque hackle
Fushia and pale blue hen hackle doubled up
Golden Pheasant dyed purple for the tented wings