HORNY 11' 2/3wt Switch Build

Well having a little fun building a lil trout switch. Purchased an 11' 2/3 wt blank, cheap, but will be fun to building something again to get the rust off. Had an old antler rack in the garage that was just collecting dust and cut 3 1/2" off the base for my lower handle.

It may look a little off kilter, but it fits perfect in my hand and feels very comfortable.

Just attached the reel seat tonight! Getting closer! Now I have to figure how I want the forward handle. I know I will be putting a section or two more of antler into the handle. It will look ungodly, but I know it will be mine and it will get some beautiful fish!

Right now, even with the reel, it is still top heavy and balances awesome. For me, I like the lower half to have more weight, to me it balances once I get line out and start casting. Just my liking.

More pics to follow. Any comments ot suggestions, please do not hesitate and post. I need all the help I can get.

Just bought the 12' er to give a try. Have all the guides on and tried it with a line or two.

So far for me it likes around 250 to 280 grains. 300 seems a little heavy and really bends to the reel seat. Still having fun! Almost done, then I will get it all up here.
Almost done with the forward handle. Was talking with my neighbor and said I now have to figure out what to do with buying cork. Couple days later while shooting my bow in back yard he came out to me with a baskit of cool things! Wine and champane corks.....hummmmmmmm..neat idea!

So far this is what I came up with, still need to sand to get proper feel, but what a hell of an idea! Never seen it done, probably it has been done before, but what a cool thing.

End corks are champane and middle are wine corks. Fits my hand beautiful, love the small corks to feel the blank bend. I can feel what the blank is doing to the bend, knowing if I am over loading or under loading. Glad he gave these to me, cause if not the handle would have cost me over 50 bucks!

Once I sand handle to liking, I will post more pics.

What do ya think for a couple of drunks!!!!!