hike, camp and fish isolated mountain creeks, ideas?

Can anyone tell me of a place where you may camp after you must hike2 or 3 miles to a mountain creek holding some decent trout (don't need to be trophies) in between Sultan/GoldBar and Arlington/Stanwood. My friend and I are a couple newbs lookin to catch some wild trout and gain some experience in relativly small waters that do not receive as much pressure as most others. A nice hike into the woods for a few nights along with some fish smell on our hands b3fore the winter makes sleeping outside not as fun as in early fall
Camping is one of the most enjoyable activities...I personally love Eagle Mountain Lake and usually start the day by heading to the south end of the lake for some smooth water for boarding, cruising by the beautiful homes, or to anchor in the cove for swimming, eating, and games.You can also try this and let me know your experience.

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