Wright Mcgill Switch rod....anyone cast one?

Has anyone here had the chance to test one, or better yet does anyone own one? I have a chance to get one fairly cheap, just wanted an idea of what I was getting into. Thanks
I got one as a gift for Fathers day. It's an 11' 5wt. switch rod. To tell you the truth it's a very well made rod. It's the 2010 year model and has cork grips. The 2011 "S" models have black rubber grips. Black rubber isn't for me. The quality of the cork is as good or better than the big name rod builders. The Fujii guides / stripper are top quality as are the wraps and finish. I also like the little line-up dots for assembling the 4 pieces. If I didn't already have a Orvis Helios 11' 5 wt. I'd be fishing this W&M. Tested it with recommended grain lines and it's spot on. You could "up-line" it one size and it'll handle that easily, but does very well within prescribed limits. Last, it has a very nice and classy codura and leather rod tube w/name tag (your name & address). They retail for $319.00 but my wife found this one for $175.00. I'm not trying to make a sale here, I'm stating what I've found to be true by testing and comparing to other spey/switch rods I own and use regularly.