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Hey all.

Just fished Amber Lake for the first time yesterday and did alright (5 fish landed, all on water boatman patterns. 3 LDRs on dries) although an absolutely epic callibaetis hatch was going off and some guys were really putting big numbers of fish to hand.

I fished the South 1/3rd of the lake as my old tube is not the most comfortable fishing platform. The guys that we're catching huge numbers were up on the north end.

My question is this, I know there are Cutthroat in the lake but all I caught was Rainbows (biggest being 18" another at 17"). I really want to get a Cutt outta Amber. Is there a certain part of the lake that they frequent? Any tips to specifically target the Cutts?



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Yes. Sorry. I totally shortened it because I didn't know any better. I now know something new about insects. Good stuff. Thanks taxon. And jMills... thanks man. I guess I'll just have to fish Amber more and hope to get into one of those elusive cuts. Thanks man! Nice pic of big Steel on the SilverBow facebook page. Nice metalhead for sure!
Nice fish Tyler. Glad the Boatman worked for you.
I have been fishing Amber a long time and have only caught a couple of Cutthroat so they are elusive.


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I fished Amber a bit in the two years I was a Spokane resident. I fished mainly the south end and probably spent too much time trying to pull fish out of the shallows rather than dredging the depths. Those weedy shallows in the south end gave up 3-4 cutts over probably 10 trips. I also heard that the cutts are less able to withstand less-than-optimal water conditions and don't tend survive when the water warms up or when oxygen levels drop after an extended winter under the ice.

I ran into one of those big callibaeitis events the first fall I was there. Like you saw, the guys who were looking for it did well. I wasn't looking for it ;)

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