WANTED: Sage RPL+ Trout Rods

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Ed Call

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I have a friend that really enjoys the action of the RPL+ series of rods. Anyone out there upgraded or upgraded and looking to move yours in 4-6wt? Let me know. Thank you.

Ed Call

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satnut, that is too heavy for his needs.
Troutmistress, I now have one LESS friend!
Mike...watch it mister.
Mr. Miller, thanks but he really wants the RPL+, not the RPL.

Keep 'em coming for those with the RPL+ rods. Thanks.


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Mumbles, I have a couple I would part with.

690 2pc RPL+ like new in factory tube w/ sock
390 2pc RPL+ pretty much the same as the 690.
686 2pc RPL+

All factory rods.

Gregg Lundgren

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"I have a friend that..." Don't worry Mumbles, this is a threat free environment. Look at boboo 3's moniker caption... Acceptance, will bring you peace.

Ed Call

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boboo_3, mind shooting me a PM with your asking prices. I'll chat it up with my friend to see if he's looking for 2pc or 4pc rods. It might matter to him and I did not ask.

Gregg, this is not a smokescreen friend, it actually is a friend. Hard to believe, but I'm not caster enough to handle an RPL+!
Hard to believe, but I'm not caster enough to handle an RPL+!
Don't sell yourself short, anyone can learn to cast and feel a rod load if you over-line it by 2 line wts. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Just kidding, I actually have no idea what I am talking about, except that my 9' 3wt is the best 5wt I have ever owned.
I am being serious....my 3wt RPL is my new favorite chironomid rod.


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Several years ago I came across a deal on an RPL+ 2wt blank. Figured I'd try my hand at rod building. It was my first (and last) attempt. Turned out like crap. I've never been very good with glue. Funny thing, though. It's the best small stream rod I've ever cast.

Since I built it I've been looking for its replacement. The thing's ugly and kinda heavy for that size. I want something delicate and a little wispy. Something modern in a 4 piece. I've probably bought and sold three or four 2 and 3wts. Couple pretty high end, even. But I just can't find one that casts as well as that old, ugly, POS RPL+.
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