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Just picked up a brand new Loomis GL3 1689/10 for the price of a trip to Mcdonalds off ebay. Not a lot of fly shops down in South Carolina and certiny none with spey lines sitting on the shelf, let alone parking lot lines to try out. Does any one have any experience with these rods and if so what lines are you throwing. I know what RIO is recomending on their line charts. Just curious what other people have had success with.

Thanks, Mike

steve s

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I haven't used that particular rod but you can check out Airflo's line recommendations too. I've found Airflo's grain recs to match my casting style better than RIO's. You could also give The Red Shed a call, see what he recommends and I believe that he has demo lines that he will ship to you to try.
Good luck.


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