Bugs ever bother you around camp?


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I bought two of these recently to use on the deck when I am cooking outside. They have turned predators into prey as no yellow jacket, fly or mosquito is safe within arms reach anymore. They dispatch insects with a loud crack and at night the combination of the sound effects and the bright sparks are very entertaining. I took one on a camping trip recently and just before bed did a sweep of any mosquitoes and flies that had found their way into my sleeping quarters.

The unit shown here is called the Bug Zapper by Mars Industries in Wisconsin I believe. I mention this because there are so many look alike units out there-some incredibly cheap-and not all are worth even the shipping. It is powered by 2 D batteries and has an LED attractor light for night use. You can hang if up nearby with the light on with predictable results. It is a little late in the season now but keep it in mind for those spring trips when mosquitoes are at their worst. You can have fun with bugs instead of them making food of you.


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Campers need these so they can go on the offensive!! Also if there's loud noises outside the tent at night you can touch a fellow camper with one of these and he'll jump right up to check out things.

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