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New to the site. I live in Eastern Washington and for a couple of years have been building my own custom fly reels. Thought I would share a few pics with you. The one on the left has a phleuger style drag, but only clicks on the retreive. The one on the right has my own drag design (similar to phlueger) but is silent in both directions. Thanks for looking.

Very cool! What type of machinery is necessary to make your reels? Lathe, Mill etc. What type of materials are you making them out of?



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I have a small manual lathe and mill. The materials are 6061 Aluminum and Brass. I have set up my own anodizing system. The one on the left is black anodized, but pulled out of the dye before complete to give it a deep purplish look. The one on the right has a clear anodized frame and black anodized spool (left in longer to get a true black).


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There is a standard for reel feet if you search on the internet. The reel on the left is to that standard and fit the rod I was making it for. However the one on the right did not fit its rod, so I modified the ends to fit properly.

As far as the diameter, it just depends on what I want. Same with the design. I do not start with a blueprint, I typically have a picture or just an idea of what I want it to look like, and go from there, making modifications as I go. These two are both made from 3" stock, but the design differences give the one on the left more volume on the spool. I use it on my 5 weight, while the one on the right was built for my 4 weight.

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