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Three years ago my wife bought me a new Weber Performer grill for my birthday. I needed a new charcoal grill to compliment my big gas grill and this was the nicest affordable model out there at right around $300. Is it worth it over the price of the standard Weber 22 1/2'' grill? I would have to say after several years of experience with this thing that the extra cost is absolutely worth it. The attached work surface makes organizing grill work simple without the need of another attendant table.

The propane ignition of the charcoal is it's finest feature as you just load the Weber chimney and press a button to light the charcoal. No wadding paper or spraying on carcinogenic hydrocarbons to obtain a fire. Standard propane bottles last a long time and are ridiculously easy to start a fire with.

The cast aluminum ash tray catches the ash from the One Touch ash shaker and is mess free to empty. Nice wheels with locks make it easy to move around. It comes with briquette holders for indirect cooking and a grill hinged on two sides for adding briquettes or wood chips for smoke. And it is the usual Weber quality which means long life with few problems.

One of the nice features is how tightly this closes up when you are through grilling. The charcoal is extinguished relatively fast and can be used again and again until it is too small for the chimney. I save a lot on charcoal due to this feature as I am grilling about 5 times a week.

If you grill as much as I do you will love the ease of getting this thing started and how simple it is to clean up. A great American made product.


I forgot to add that the enclosed bin holds about 25# of charcoal and makes pouring briquettes out of a dusty bag a thing of the past.
I've had a couple regular One Touch grills and I love em. I've always been to cheap to spring for the Performer, but the propane ignition is a great feature.