Washington 2011 Trip


My annual Washington trip took place late September - mid October 2011.

When visiting Washington, I focus on Cascade streams and higher tributaries in Western Washington. I fished pretty hard, mostly weekdays, and predominantly with nymphs during daylight. As always, Washington fly fishing was quite challenging, with lots of cold, clear water, slippery rocks and a few very nice fish. This year's fishing was good even though there were a few high-water phases --- even floods. I do put a lot of work into these fish in terms of hiking, wading, tying, planning, etc.

I had the opportunity to catch:
- Several steelhead, both hatchery as well as native
- A beautiful fair-hooked king hen over 20 pounds.
- A nice, fat dolly.
- Rainbows and Cutthroat in Cascade streams.
- SRC's, whitefish, pinks, etc.

I also engaged in quite a lot of salmon watching and river walking and pondering. I observed every species of O.whatever except Keta. It was good to see small, but true native runs of Sockeyes in some cold-water tributaries.

Some pictures are included. I hope to be able to visit and fish next year as well.

Sincerely, Chris.