October on the Fraser

** With a few days between trips, I needed to squeeze in some of my own fishing. I had planned to go chase some trout up in the interior but the fishing has been so good on the Fraser that I couldn't resist.
** Sarah and I went out for a day chasing Chinook but, other than a few strikes and a couple of pinks, we had no luck. Friends Kirk and Adrienne came out a few days later and we had a lot more action. Kirk and I both lost a few Chinook and Adrienne landed one as well as a few Chum. At the end of the day I finally got a nice fish, a decent sized Chum.

** The following morning I was back at it. This time on a solo mission. I fished pretty hard and was rewarded with a couple of wild Coho, one Chum, and two Jack Chinook. I didn't see many big Chinook rolling but they're still there.
** Day three was supposed to be a half day of sturgeon fishing. I headed out from the local launch in the fog, looking for a good spot to anchor up. The first place I stopped was to slow to anchor properly and by the time I found a good place to stop I was pretty close to a productive Fraser tributary. I had a fly rod on hand as usual so decided to go upstream and check out. Good decision. The trib was chock full of Chum salmon. I spent about 3 hours releasing fish before it was time to pack it up. There were a few Coho mingling around as well but by the time I found them, they were pretty spooked and I couldn't get one to take.

** So it was a great few days. Now a few more days straight of guiding before the next break. I love October and November should be great this year as well.
Awesome pics man. If you're up for it, the Squam, Mam, and Check are filling up with some nice coho too. It's good to see another lower mainlander getting some fly rod action!

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