My New Toy (well, new to me)

I've been looking for a light 20 ga. double gun for grouse hunting for some time now. Most of the ones I have seen were either to expensive, had questionable reliability, or just didn't fit right. After searching through many shops and checking dozens of gunlist websites I was beginning to think that my perfect grouse gun was not to be. Then just a couple days ago this little baby pretty much falls into my lap. I'm at my local club and as I walk past some of the guys at the shotgun ranges one of them says, "Hey, there's the guy you want to talk to, he's looking for a 20 ga." Turns out one of the locals had it, didn't like the way it felt and had brought it out to see if he could sell it. It felt great when I shouldered it so I took it over to the trap range, hit 5 for 5 and bought it on the spot. Got a good deal as well. It's a Beretta BL-4, has a few minor dings here and there but locks up tight. Weighs in at a little over 5lbs and it's choked IC & M just right for grouse. Now I need to hit the woods.

Upton O

Blind hog fisherman
Congrats on the "new" toy, well done on the 20 ga. part for grouse, too. The up side of it not being brand new: you are not going to be worried about that first ding you put in the stock.

I've always enjoyed Beretta guns, both doubles and semi's, they have great reputations for function and appearance. Here's to many miles of trekking with your new o/u.