Roll call for Dry Falls


Indi "Ira" Jones
My wife, my dog Winnie and I will be fishing the lake most of this week, including Friday. We'll be fishing out of green Coleman boat that looks a little like a really wide canoe. Feel free to stop by and say high on either Friday or Saturday. The wife is stunning and the dog is a black lab about 9 months I'm the ugly cuss trying to catch them with my chironimids on long lines, just in case you needed more description.



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Sorry Ira, I was fully looking forward to using the slip line indicator trick with you since I bought a shload of them this year! I am sad that I won't be able to spy on your skills again this year.

;( :bawling

Scott Salzer

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I can't make it, although if I could there would be a 1/2 gallon of scotch coming with me. Gotta get ready for a trip down south.
Have a great trip. Can't wait to read these posts...
roper roper roper!

Roper - i need to secure a float tube. is the pimp ship available or? need to get things squired away! if you need me to pick it up let me know! illl make other arrangements if i dont here from ya. i would still like to use your fins if possible too. thanks - bhudda

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roper roper roper!

I'm bringing a spare tube, boots, fins, and the lovely Pimp Ship. No squabbling with Backyard...


Life goes on, enjoy it...


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Dude!!! Those bandidos are crazy!!! I saw them this weekend, man, they just bum-rushed me and took over!! Some tuff SOB's for sure!!!! I heard they kicked the crap out of the "two dudes from spokane" and then burned their house down for kicks. Watch your back........:eek

YT :eek:


Y'all staying at Sun Lakes? Don't know if I can make it but if so I'd like to know where you're doing the Team Not So Rugged camping.


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We will be staying at Sun Lakes Park, if you have trouble finding a group of 20 rowdy fly-fishermen, you have either had too much to drink or had too much sun. Either way, you'll fit right in the right mindset

Thanks Bart and Roper, no squabling at all, besides i gave chris shit already, hehe. ill happily take whatever :). i m leaving thurs night i think. see ya all out there and have a safe trip there. bhudda

"Dont let your dreams be dreams" -Jack Johnson