West cascade Brown Trout?


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I have always wanted to catch a brown trout And wonder if there are any lakes west of the cascades that you can catch brown trout in besides green lake seattle I am new to fly fishing but willing to learn


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You know, if you are new to fly fishing as you claim on your other post, you might just focus on rainbows which can be found in most of the lakes on the west side for starters. In time you will likely find some Browns.


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Look up the state stocking for lakes in washington they plant a lot of lakes with browns . how west do you want ? i wouldn't know about up north but i've been catching some browns at merrill lately .


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Two lakes that are not secret on the Westside that hold browns are Pass Lake and Martha Lake (Warm Beach). Now is a good time to fish for browns in either lake as the change from fall to winter has the larger fish feeding on minnows quite aggressively. Usually to catch browns, your best chances are early morning or near nightfall. This time of the year, you can find them working the shallows throughout the day.

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I am some what new I can cast I how to Fish I am new to trout but have fly fished for bass I know
enough about trout I just want to know where they are

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If you study the threads in the link I posted you'll have an idea. If you go to the articles and read the stuff contributed by Ford Fenders you'll have a much greater idea with all the details you might crave. Then the browns will be on the end of your line. If you want us to put one on the end of your line for you, you might offer up some gas money, lunch and beer! We are a helpful bunch, but as of this moment in time it seems you are sitting on your ass waiting for someone to take care of it all for you. Sorry, but if you put in some effort you'll be more warmly recieved and assisted, I'm sure.

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Try this then. In the SEARCH box on this page, upper right, type in brown trout and push your enter/return key!
Then try this. In the menu bar across the page, click content, then find the articles and then those by Ford Fenders.
Happy reading.
I used to catch 22 inch Browns out of Pass Lake in September on dry flies.
Now there are not many lakes anywhere where you can catch large Browns on a dry fly.
Match the hatch. I'm sure that true Pass Lake veterans know exactly what I mean.
Before the Browns were introduced I have caught Pass Lake Rainbows at the same time of the year using the same methods.
Rainbows of up to 24 inches long on a #14 dry fly is a great way to remember those few fall days that are that rewarding.