Storing a Pontoon Boat


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Bouyancy is provided only by the pontoons. How far apart they are positioned will make no difference; by widening the frame you are not "spreading the weight over a larger area" but merely re-positioning the pontoons which will provide exactly as much and no more bouyancy as you had to start with.
Spreading it out doesn't change the cubic displacement. The displacement is the actual amount of water that's displaced by your hardware.
It's exactly equal to the weight of your craft. Unless you alter the size or shape of your floatation your draft remains the same. Separating
the pontoons more doesn't change that.
As the mfg of these pontoons I know they are durable and hanging them will in no way damage them. We store all our pontoons here at factory, after they have dried out, rolled and then secured with a cam strap. We see lots of pontoons in the spring that have been damaged by rodents so I always recommend that the pontoons stored in a sealed container. A plastic tub from any hardwear store is perfect. If you have more questions please call me at 800-966-0976 - Chris Callanan - Outcast Sporting Gear.
I am about to buy a new Outcast boat, and I expect to roll it up to store it at the end of the season. Although I do not presently have a sealed container to keep it in, we do keep plenty of D-Con around our storage place, and have not had any problems with rodents in the past.

I've stored my other inflatables this way for the past 15-20 years, and they always come out looking fresh in the spring, so now I'm glad to read that's how Outcast recommends storing them as well. I know it's kind of neat to see all the elaborate methods that some people use to hang their boats to store them inflated when not in use, but I would think that ozone would deterioriate them faster than carefully rolling them up in a secured container, and as you've pointed out the issue of rodents having access to them.


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Wouldn't spreading the frame out put undue pressure on the pontoons. I mean they, the frame and the toons were made for each other to float right. By widening the frame your toons would ride funny bin the water. At an angle and put lots of pressure on the straps.

Of course I know nothing about all of this. I was just asking.


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My brother inlaw spread his frame and it made it very stable as already mentioned More storage also. Sate the same as the original as that never changed.
I suggest putting some 303 on a clean boat and rub it in then buff it out, then roll it or hang it or whatever, but I do think 303 helps protect the PVC coated covers.
We use to hang ours in the garage as we used them a lot, but then we bought the frameless models and the duffle bag and found we don't have to hang them and we are aways ready. We do take the X5 pontoon and roll it and put it in a bag and hang it from the rafters along with the frames, but the Renegade and the XX Assault are always ready to go.
I'll second the 303 Protectant suggestion. I use it on a variety of products, including all of my truck, boat, RV and other trailer tires, etc. and have put it on my PVC cataraft tubes for the past 15 years or more. I wouldn't want to be without it, and I buy it by the gallon.